pH Balancing

With pH8+ blk is the easiest way to provide your body with alkaline, essential for balancing your internal pH.

High in Electrolytes

Packed with electrolytes, blk provides you with the instant replenishment your body needs.

Hydrating Minerals

Blk provides 77 minerals which includes 18 amino's which help with having great hair, skin and a perfect metabolism.

Zero Sugar, Calories & More

All natural and all organic, blk. provides key ingredients that help with replenishing your body.


How Blk. Works

Balances pH Levels

To feel great and function properly, you've got to have a balanced pH in your body. Blk. helps to regulate our highly acidic diets by providing a source of alkaline to neutralise internal levels.

Replenishes Electrolytes

A normal workday and a workout in the gym both require you to sweat. With that sweat you're losing important electrolytes that are vital for feeling great and have a perfectly functioning body.

Mineral Hydration

When your body consistently receives minerals it begins to function as it should. With great skin and a perfect metabolism blk. helps to replenish and revive your body.

No Nasties

Blk. contains only 2 ingredients - Spring Water and Fulvic Minerals and thanks to an all natural process making the water turn black there's no need for us to add anything.